You are cared for

Chefs, brief message to remind you that you are being cared for, being helped, being supported. Today there is more than one organisation (I’ll be doing a few shoutouts over the next few weeks) that is committed to helping you


Even though you’ve set strong intentions for the year, are you finding that instead of forging ahead, you’re being pushed and pulled by what’s around you? This has been my experience: it’s not yet about the big plans for 2018, but just


If you’re currently less busy than usual in January, are you letting yourself enjoy that spaciousness, chef? Is it easy for you to take a deep breath, step back from responsibility, sit still for a few moments? Or does it


Being in London, I was lucky enough to visit an exhibition of artist Chaïm Soutine’s portraits of service industry professionals in 1920s Paris. It was quite moving because he brought so much humanity to his subjects. There were personalities behind the


When I recently came across a post by a chef criticising someone else in the industry, it made me think: where does this come from? What is it in our human nature that makes us constantly have to prove ourselves?

This week

Simple message for you: make this week what you want it to be. Yes, you get to choose. However things turn out, whether they’re in your favour or not, you decide what this week will be all about. Will this be

Career Progress

Isn’t it strange that when we think of career growth, we think in terms of what we do, the targets we meet, how much we earn, but in reality progress in the kitchen only happens through each other?  In those moments that you