Who leads you?

I’ve been building this project alongside doing multiple part-time gigs, and today I want to share a tale of contrasts with you. One job required me to help a client check-in/check-out guests at her Airbnb. Once she had a couple of international students who returned to the city

I’m going to MAD!

“Now, more so than ever, we must decide how to build a healthy, creative, and fair restaurant community” – the theme of this year’s MAD Symposium in Copenhagen, just a month away. I feel super privileged to have a seat


Wellbeing isn’t only about meditation or mindfulness or nourishment or inner peace. It’s also about fiercely guarding those life structures and activities that are important to your wellbeing. Just as the warrior outside this temple is defending all that is sacred. It’s the only way you

Your mind

When I read these words by Michael Signer in The Untethered Soul, I had to do some serious self-reflection: Just stop for a moment and see what you have given your mind to do. You said to your mind, “I want everyone


On one hand, there are people are taking away the dignity of refugees and immigrants. On the other, these two gentlemen: one from a family displaced by war and the other born to immigrant parents, have deservedly conquered the world.


Today I want to share this simple message: that we always have a choice. Even when there seems to be only one way out. You choose that last remaining option. You choose to stay in a job that pays your bills.