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It is okay to accept where you are in your relationship with work right now.

Even if the picture is not all rosy.

Sometimes you arrive at that crossroads in your professional life where you know you want something different from your work going forward.

Today I coached someone who was in exactly that place.

She felt a huge sense of guilt for wanting something more from her work, even though it was going so well. A sense that she did not deserve to complain about it.

But what I helped her see and what I want you to get from reading this is that it is completely okay to feel the pull that takes you in a different direction.

The important thing is to be honest to yourself. 

Because when those doubts are not aired, when those words go unspoken, that is when the trouble starts.

During our session it turned out that what she needed was more of being challenge by her work, which she was not getting. She did not feel she was growing.

Now she knows that she can have a conversation with her manager about this. And she feels at peace.

Her company could have lost a brilliant employee, simply because she never thought she had the power to change her experience of work.

And she could have come to resent the work and the profession she loved so much, and was clearly excelling at.

My question to you is what dilemma or challenge are you facing that you have not had the courage to resolve?

What would it mean for you to not have to do that alone?

Only in November, I am offering one-off coaching sessions for women in Hospitality who would like something different from their working life in 2023.

I support you in finding that new way forward. And help you arrive at a strategy or game plan to set that change into motion.

Go ahead: book your session here.


Accepting where you are

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