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Create Your #BetterCheflife

An interactive workshop to help you enjoy a better work-life balance

As a chef working in a busy kitchen, you might accept work-life balance to be an unattainable goal: you fear that taking time off will compromise your career ambitions, or feel guilty about not being there for your loved ones. Even making time for your own “life admin” can be a challenge. You are unclear about how to set clear boundaries between your work and other aspects of your life. Maybe you just want to get a better handle on this challenge, rather than feel like you are being pushed and pulled in all directions.

But you get little guidance from our kitchen culture on how you can make it all work.

What you will learn

This 2 hour online workshop is designed to empower you with the strategy for you to create more balance in your life, no matter how busy your kitchen gets. During this training, you will:

– Learn the concept of work life synergy and how it can help you reconcile the demands of your work with your life outside it

– Get clear on the principles of finding balance, the causes of burnout and what it takes to create a sustainable career

– Access tools that will help you find balance on a daily or long-term basis, in ways that work for you

You will end the workshop with a clear blueprint for how you can attain a better work life balance as a chef. The knowledge and skills that you gain will help you ensure that your career in Hospitality is a sustainable one. In addition, you will receive three weeks of support via email following the workshop, so you can really put what you learn into practice.

Who this workshop is for

Love Letters to Chefs holds the vision that every chef should be empowered to improve the quality of his or her life. This workshop is for you if you cook professionally and share that same vision – no matter what your rank in the kitchen or what kind of food business you work for. When you enjoy a better work-life balance, the impact is felt not just by your family, but also your team. And you can trust that this will benefit the industry as a whole. 

“I gained clarity on how easy it can be to make small, better changes towards a life I would like or that doesn’t stress me out as much” – Huda T., UK

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Learn how to find more balance

Attend the workshop: Create Your #BetterCheflife will be held on Zoom (which you can download for free). Each session is limited to a few participants, so you will get to interact and to ask questions. Please be sure you can attend on the day, as all bookings are final.

Price: The workshop is being offered at £35 (convert your currency here), so that it is accessible to you, even if your circumstances have been affected by the pandemic.

Booking: To book your place, click the button below to make your payment, choosing the date you would like to attend. You will receive instant access to your workbook. The link to the Zoom session will then be emailed to you shortly after you sign up.

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“This was an excellent workshop. It’s helped me validate and understand myself. Talking through processes really helped. Hosted with knowledge and empathy, it felt nice to be listened to. Looking forward to being able to utilise some of the practices once we are out of lockdown. I’d recommend this for chefs at all levels – Brian P., UK

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