Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session

A chef in his kitchen smiling in contentment as he works

Introducing the Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session: You absolutely love the work that you do as a chef or FOH professional, but know the price that comes with that passion. Stress has always been part of your work in our high-pressure industry. But you know how it affects your relationship with your family and team, your health and wellbeing and ultimately, your performance at work.

There is a lot of general advice out there to deal with stress, but most of it does not suit your busy and unpredictable schedule . You might even have the tools you need to manage stress: workout, mediation, etc. But in our always-on culture, it is not easy for you to keep up with those things.

Today, Love Letters to Chefs is launching the Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session to help you build YOUR OWN toolkit to deal with stress. No more hacks, no more well-meaning advice that worked for someone else (but not you), no more wellness trends.

Because you want to use tools and practices that work for you, when you most need to use them. During those busy times, so that you can catch your breath for at least a moment. You know that when you are less stressed, you do not snap at your kids, that you make better decisions at work, and that you can get the sleep you need.

And you know what that means for you. Better relationships at home and work. A service that runs smoothly. You feeling refreshed in your time off, ready to get back to the work you love.

Who would not want more of that? If you do, book your Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session today!

“Your mind is no longer on holiday”

Text reads: "Your mind is no longer on holiday. You're at work, figuring out how to fix this."

Is this you?

  • Do you struggle to step away from being the manager, after your shift has ended?
  • Are you resolving problems during the time you spend time with family?
  • Do you take the stress of leading your team with you on holiday?

You now want to find a healthy way to handle the stress that comes with leading a Hospitality team. You might even know what to do to set those boundaries – but rushing from one shift to the next leaves you with no time to try out those solutions.

This is where accountability is invaluable – having someone to support you while you make the better choices and take the right actions. This is why Love Letters to Chefs offers 1-1 coaching, to chefs and Hospitality professionals like you who want to be the change that you want to see in this industry.

Stay tuned for more information!

“So hard to just RELAX”

"Restless days off have been the bane of my existence as a chef, so hard to just RELAX."

Is this you?

  • Do you struggle to switch off at the end of your shift, not getting the rest you need before you start the next one?
  • Do you find it difficult to relax on your day off, so you never feel fully rested during the week?
  • Do you wish you had more energy to do the things you want to do in that precious free time?

You now want to find a better way of working in this industry. So that you get the rest and relaxation you want and need during the week.

How to achieve this is not evident in our culture – a culture which encourages us to be ‘always on’. But Love Letters to Chefs recognises that the very thing you need is a clear separation between the ‘professional’ and the ‘personal’, so that the stress from your work does not creep into your free time.

This is easier said than done, and this is why I want to help you with this very challenge. So that you can give your very best to your work, but also enjoy your downtime as you would like to.

Is it not time for us to find a more sustainable way to practice this profession of ours, chefs? Stay tuned to hear more!

“You are constantly under stress”

Text reads: "You are constantly irritated and constantly under stress. Your family start seeing you in a different light."

Is this you?

  • Do the stress from work make you lose your cool with those you love?
  • Do you struggle to switch off from ‘chef mode’ when you finish a shift?
  • Do you snap at your co-workers during times of stress, but know that this not your true nature?

You now want to find a healthy way to handle the stress. Without letting it take a toll on your relationships. Not just for you, but also so that those closest to you – your family and your team – do not take on your stress second hand.

This is not impossible. But in an industry where you are expected to respond to situations without even catching your breath, what it takes is learning to do just that.

Love Letters to Chefs is here to guide you on how you can enjoy harmony in your relationships: even during the busiest and most stressful of seasons. How? Watch this space!

Right from the outset

A young chef in a white t-shirt and red cap tossing ingredients in a frying pan he his holding up in the air.

The stress that comes with working in Hospitality is something we experience right from the very outset of our careers. Not everyone chooses a healthy way of coping with it and quite often this is because it was not modelled to us. Over time, you might have found healthy ways of handling stress. And however imperfect they might be, you still learn from putting them to use repeatedly.

I would love to know: did you learn those helpful ways of dealing with stress from:

  • A: suggestions from your colleagues
  • B: observing how someone dit it well
  • C: your personal experiences
  • D: searching for a specific solution

Stress affects us!

Image card listing three ways that stress affects us in Hospitality: it lowers the quality of our relationships, it undermines our physical health and wellbeing, and it impacts our performance at work.

While the impact of stress on mental health in our industry is being more widely acknowledged, we do not often speak about the damage it can cause in other areas of our lives.

This could be because we are expected to take working in a high-pressure profession in our stride. And to some extent, we know how to channel stress to motive us. Or as it occurs over a period of time, we do not automatically connect the EFFECTS (broken relationships, serious injuries, conflicts with colleagues) with the CAUSE (stress).

Yes, there is a degree of personal responsibility involved in dealing with stress. But, like with many things, our culture puts the onus on us to learn how to do that.

Were you taught how to deal with stress at work?

Schedule your priorities

Two men at a restaurant table (one seated, one standing) discussing, while referring to a schedule on a tablet.

The key is not to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities

– Stephen Covey

There are multiple layers to work life balance, but the simplest route to achieving some kind of balance is to schedule your priorities. This does not mean that it is easy for us to do as chefs, given our schedules. Which then makes it difficult for us to know how to stick to our priorities. If you can relate to going round in circles trying to achieve your wellbeing goals, this is the reason behind it.

Next week’s webinar titled ‘Sustaining your positive habits after lockdown’ addresses this very topic. You will learn strategies that help you step out of that endless loop of struggling to sustain your wellbeing goals. Are you ready to enjoy more balance in your life, chef?

This is a 30-minute training conducted via Zoom. Please book your place (£10) via this link.

Limited without a vision

A man presenting in front of an audience

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“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision” – Khalil Gibran

Following on from yesterday’s post, I ask you: do you have a clear vision for your life, chef? It might not be a picture-perfect vision, but you need enough clarity on what are the things that matter to you.

This is really important, as many of us stop short of giving ourselves permission to explore that. In our minds, we only need to set career aspirations. And that everything else will fall into place.

But a vision that makes no room for the things that matter (besides your work) will lead you to create just that: a life where those things do not feature. This is the reason that I devote so much time in my workshops to this aspect. We have not been encouraged to hold that holistic vision in our culture, and it shows in the way that we as chefs struggle with work life balance.

You need a vision

The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘vision’ as being “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.” It is also said that your vision is less a roadmap, but more a North star, guiding you to make choices and decisions that support it. Therefore, what we have in our lives currently relates to a vision that we had for ourselves at some point in the past.

A clear vision is key if you want to enjoy a balanced life. You might have a demanding schedule like every chef, but you find yourself able to make the most of your resources to fulfill that vision. You might encounter the same setbacks that they do, but having a vision allows you to persist through challenges. You might have to make sacrifices that others are not willing to make, but you let yourself be guided by the end results you want to enjoy.

The great thing is that you get to choose what having a life means to you, chef.

Workshop 31st May

Poster for Create Your #BetterCheflife workshop

Create Your #BetterCheflife returns at the end of May to support you with the matter of ‘having a life’. This is our topic for the month, here at Love Letters to Chefs. Striking a balance between our work and our personal lives can be so challenging that it often requires stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. This, amongst other things, is what we cover during this 2-hour workshop.

This training is for you if:

  • You were called to review your professional life over the past year and now seek more balance
  • You started a journey towards wellness but now struggle to keep the momentum going
  • You anticipate a big life change – a new job, becoming a parent, etc. – and want to handle work life balance better

Besides the teaching element, we also go through exercises that will help you choose practices that work for you. Please book your place in advance.