Do you love being a chef, but fear that your career in the kitchen might be unsustainable?

Although you accept that our work is demanding and that our hours are unsocial, the poor work-life balance has cost you:

— You have reached breaking-point: burnout has set in and something has got to change

— Your relationship has suffered and you are facing an ultimatum from your partner

— Your health has declined: your body has delivered a wake-up call

— Or you could suddenly be feeling a deep discontent when it comes to food

Something has got to change

You want to ensure that you have a sustainable career as a chef. That you enjoy fulfilling personal relationships and better health. Maybe what you desire most is to regain your passion and purpose for the work you love. But the ‘cheflife’ leaves you with little time and energy to fix the problem. When there is so much going on at work, you cannot help but put everything else on the back-burner. But the fact of the matter is that both your personal life and your work will be compromised if you do not take the steps to bring these aspects back into balance.

Become the architect of your #BetterCheflife

The #BetterCheflife Consultation is designed to help you do exactly that: to support you in bringing more balance in your life, thus setting you on the path towards a long, sustainable career as a chef. This is a 6-week journey: a process to help you explore and reaffirm your values and design your life and career around them. The consultation is delivered through a combination of 1-1 online sessions, regular check-ins and support. This is what you will get:

An initial 1.5 hour workshop* where we lay the groundwork for your #BetterCheflife

A blueprint for your #BetterCheflife that is broken down into simple steps that you can easily implement, even while working in a busy kitchen

2 x follow-up sessions* (Weeks 3 & 6) to review your journey

Regular email support over the 6 weeks, so that you are not doing on your own

Recordings of our sessions so you will always have access to what we have covered

— Most of all, your journey will be supported by someone who is here to empower you to create the cheflife you aspire to lead

(*The sessions are conducted via Zoom, which is free to download)

“The session was very powerful and through the use of specific tools I was able to get a more holistic view on my life and reconnect with my values” – Marco R., London

How would you show up in the kitchen if you were living your #BetterCheflife?

The #BetterCheflife Consultation is not for everyone: it is for those chefs who are not just passionate about their careers, but are also equally committed to serving at their very best. Here are the outcomes you can expect:

Clarity: With the help of a powerful tool, we will take a big-picture look at your life to identify what actually matters to you. We also take a deeper look at what needs the most attention in your life right now and why.

Authenticity: Once you are clear on what is most important and what is most urgent, we will craft a blueprint that is your vision for your cheflife.

Sovereignty: Together, we will brainstorm what actions you can take to realize that vision of your #BetterCheflife, ensuring you a sustainable, successful career in the industry, without waiting for your external circumstances to change.

Purpose: Expect to finish the journey with a completely different approach to what it means to be of service.

This is the investment asked of you:

Your commitment to the process and to doing the work over the 6 weeks

An investment of £125 ($165).*

* (Please send an email to enquire about payment plans and sliding scale fees.)

“Working with Ishoo was a pleasure. I deeply appreciated her honesty, kindness and patience. During times where I would become worried, Ishoo would gently guide my focus back to the bigger picture. Her helpful reminders of my bigger vision provided me with calm. I am thankful to have worked with her” – Monique B., Los Angeles

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If creating a #BetterCheflife resonates with you, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute session with me. We can get clear on your challenges and aspirations and determine whether the Consultation is a good fit for you. 

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