Poster for coaching with Love Letters to chefs - Support for female leaders in Hospitality

This is an opportunity for you to coach with me if you have been unable to, so far.

Only this November, I am opening up spots for single coaching sessions for women in Hospitality.

This is for you if you have not been able to access the longer-term coaching programme I run throughout the rest of the year. Or if you want a taste of how coaching can benefit you.

Which means it is more accessible and affordable.

The caveat is that I cannot offer ongoing support like I would normally do.

But if you would like to do some work to resolve a challenge or take steps towards a goal, then I invite you to sign up below.

The sessions are 60 minutes long and are held on Zoom.

Once you sign up, you will get a calendar link to schedule your session.

Book your session here and let’s get you headed to where you want to go!

An opportunity to coach with me

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