Wellbeing isn’t only about meditation or mindfulness or nourishment or inner peace. It’s also about fiercely guarding those life structures and activities that are important to your wellbeing. Just as the warrior outside this temple is defending all that is sacred. It’s the only way you

Your mind

When I read these words by Michael Signer in The Untethered Soul, I had to do some serious self-reflection: Just stop for a moment and see what you have given your mind to do. You said to your mind, “I want everyone


It was when I first started working that I noticed the personalities of my colleagues who smoked: they all seemed to project this air of cool confidence, like they belonged to a special club. My dad stopped smoking quite early, so

Be yourself

I came across the remarkable story of Mexican ultra-marathon runner Lorena Ramírez when my favourite musician Jorge Drexler featured her in his music video. The Rarámuri community she belongs to are known to be incredible runners and she’s doing great things with her gift.

Starting out

On my walk in the woods I came across these cute baby oak plants growing at the foot of their parent. It made me think of the really long way they have to go! So many of us are here: young

Perspective – II

Continuing from yesterday’s post on perspective, I’m inviting you to consider how stepping back for a broader perspective also serves your wellbeing. Because you want to occasionally rest those eyes that are so intensely focussed on the task at hand, right? Look

Customer service

This seems like a timely post for National Waiters Day here in the UK, and because all of us service professionals invariably encounter difficult customers at one time or another. We should all read Seth Godin’s powerful note to the customer who


  It’s hard to be an outlier – someone who doesn’t make the same choices as those around them. Not only does that make it hard for you to fit in, but even feeling comfortable in your own skin can be