Continuing from yesterday’s post on perspective, I’m inviting you to consider how stepping back for a broader perspective also serves your wellbeing. Because you want to occasionally rest those eyes that are so intensely focussed on the task at hand, right?

Look up at some object in the distance once in a while during prep. Take advantage of your break, step outside and soak up whatever view is in front of you for a few seconds. Of course, you’re not working in isolation, so even that interaction with a colleague across the kitchen counts.

When I designed offices in an earlier lifetime, we’d paint one wall at the end of the room so that office workers would look away from their screens every now and then, their eyes drawn to the fancy colour. But let’s not wait for the day that kitchens are designed around the wellbeing of chefs. Let’s take our self-care into our own hands, chefs.

Perspective – II

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