What story about yourself do you want to let go of today? 

We take on so many meanings from the events in our lives and the way people around us react to us. We tell ourselves we’re not as talented as someone else, or successful by our own lofty standards, or attractive to someone. Sometimes they’re helpful: your story could be that you’re not good at pastry and that knowing makes you focus on building your skills in other areas. The truth might be that you haven’t spent your time and energy mastering pastry, but because cuisine skills came easily to you, you chose that path.

My story revolves around not being able to express myself well. I was a sensitive and introverted child who rarely spoke up. But even today people tell me they can read what I’m really thinking from my face. So I’m more than willing to let that story go because even when words fail me, I can still get my message across. I’m conscious I need to work on my communication, but hey, I’m a work in progress.

Are you willing to let go of your story too, chef?

Let go of your story

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