When you’re working towards your dreams or aspirations, be really mindful of who’s around you. They might not be chasing the same things. In fact, they might be happy and comfortable where they are. But if you’re ready to move ahead, own it.

A personal trainer at my gym was attending to paperwork, with his client forms spread out on a table in the reception. A few of his colleagues passed by and commented, “You’re looking official over there – you need a bigger desk.” And he responded, “Oh no, I can’t be looking too official!” Easy to understand, his job isn’t traditional ‘office work.’

But I’ve read his articles and seen his ads in the local magazine. I don’t know him personally, but I recognise his ambition. He’s doing things to get more clients, and therefore has more paperwork. Can you see how his colleagues tried to pull him down to where they were? And that his response was more in line with ‘fitting in’ than with his aspirations?

Wanting more for yourself can appear as a threat to others because it makes them assess their own situation. And that’s uncomfortable for them. Wanting more for yourself can be lonely, because you may have to leave behind those that are familiar to you. That’s uncomfortable for you.

If this is your dilemma, chef, remind yourself of why you’re chasing those dreams and how badly you want them to come true.

Who’s around you?

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