My brain is currently occupied with a lot of facts on mathematics and learning – research that I’m doing for my kitchen app grant application. The reason I’m so persistent with this project is because I had so many colleagues in the kitchen tell me that they found maths challenging or didn’t enjoy it in school. And I believe it’s education that failed them, not the other way around.

Noted mathematician Laurent Schwartz revealed that he too felt stupid in school because he wasn’t one of those people who arrived at the answers quickly. Only later did he come to terms with the fact that he just didn’t meet the school’s criteria and that had nothing to do with his level of intelligence. What if that was true of all of us who struggled with mathematics? We might not be maths geniuses in disguise, but with a little help, could we also feel confident of our maths skills?

That’s what I’m hoping this kitchen app will address..

If you’d able to help with research, please spare a minute of your time to fill out this survey:

Thank you!

Maths – Yes or No?

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