On my walk in the woods I came across these cute baby oak plants growing at the foot of their parent. It made me think of the really long way they have to go!

So many of us are here: young chefs starting our careers, or like me, starting out on this project. Some of us are new parents or cooking a new cuisine for the first time. Figuring out a new territory can feel so uncomfortable that you just want to get to the other side as soon as possible.

It’s easy to forget how much fun it is to be a beginner. You have the liberty to approach what you do with fresh eyes and maybe see it like no one else does. You can explore how best to do something because you’re not set in your ways. Most important of all, you can forgive yourself for your mistakes because that gets harder the more experience you gain.

Maybe you’ve heard this before, chef: that the prize is the journey itself and not the destination?

Starting out

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