Starting out

On my walk in the woods I came across these cute baby oak plants growing at the foot of their parent. It made me think of the really long way they have to go! So many of us are here: young


Can you, for even just a moment, wholeheartedly accept where you are right now, chef? Maybe you’ve hit a low, nothing’s working out, maybe someone said no. But can you acknowledge it without any judgements about how terrible the situation is,

Perspective – II

Continuing from yesterday’s post on perspective, I’m inviting you to consider how stepping back for a broader perspective also serves your wellbeing. Because you want to occasionally rest those eyes that are so intensely focussed on the task at hand, right? Look


  Maybe you’ve come across the recent experiment that IKEA conducted to raise awareness of bullying: they displayed two healthy, identical plants side-by-side in their own enclosures, giving both the same amount of nutrition and light. One plant was fed positive recorded messages,

Customer service

This seems like a timely post for National Waiters Day here in the UK, and because all of us service professionals invariably encounter difficult customers at one time or another. We should all read Seth Godin’s powerful note to the customer who


Numerous chefs posted tributes to their mothers and wives yesterday on Mother’s Day. But this space is to honour those amazing women who work so hard to balance motherhood with a demanding career in the kitchen. Not sure how you do it, but we’re