There’s a part on my morning walk where the woods give way to a vast playing field. It’s like entering another realm: there’s spaciousness, the trees suddenly look smaller. People and their actions (getting their dogs to fetch or their children to behave) look comical from a distance.

For most of the day, our eyes are fixed either on a plate or a chopping board or a screen. It’s no wonder that our problems, complaints, our stress and anxiety seem to close in on us. Sometimes the best medicine can be those things that forcefully take us out of our current perspective. When you escape to a big city but everyone’s too busy to sense your heartbreak. One minute you’re stressed-out cooking for a celebrity, but the minute your shift ends you’re just another stranger queuing for public transport.

Stepping back and taking a broader view of things is hardly easy when you’re constantly fighting the fires you face in the moment. But we can balance that by being present when we’re out of the work environment: when we acknowledge that we inhabit a bigger world and not our little individual planets.



Perspective – I

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