It was when I first started working that I noticed the personalities of my colleagues who smoked: they all seemed to project this air of cool confidence, like they belonged to a special club. My dad stopped smoking quite early, so


In his book Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield borrows this concept to motivate us: that a US Marine earns two salaries from his work. The first is the ‘normal’ financial salary, which might be humble, but there’s an additional psychological salary that comes from

Be yourself

I came across the remarkable story of Mexican ultra-marathon runner Lorena Ramírez when my favourite musician Jorge Drexler featured her in his music video. The Rarámuri community she belongs to are known to be incredible runners and she’s doing great things with her gift.


Over Easter, I had the much-welcome opportunity to support a private chef at one of his events. As he demonstrated the plating of the vegetarian mains for me, I complimented his work with the comment that it looked great. His instant response


Just for today, let’s not make anyone a hero. We learnt with the passing of Anthony Bourdain that even our heroes might be hurting, but putting on a brave face as they share their light with us. Just for today, let’s

Energy II

Continuing with the theme of energy, how do you protect yourself from being affected by the negative energy of other people? We’ve always been dependent on each other to survive, so it’s no wonder that we tend to align with


What’s your inner environment like as you start each morning? I’m talking about your energy levels, what your underlying mood or feeling is, the quality of that energy (action-taking mode? relaxed? quiet?). It’s a great practice to acknowledge whatever state you’re in and accept


This question arose at a powerful event I attended yesterday: how many of us take the time to really heal from a health issue, trauma or difficult experience we’ve been through? Sometimes it’s us – we’re impatient to get back