I’ve been a fan of the Argentine football team ever since I was a child. In fact, the first time I ever cooked was the cake I baked at the age of 10, honouring some victory of theirs. My tribute, more heartfelt than artistic, was iced in blue and white, with the names of my favourite players piped along the side.

The fandom continues to this day, but in some way I must have grown up because I’m no longer forcing my energy on the outcome I want to see – my team taking home the World Cup. On reflection, it makes the whole tournament so much more fun: the drama of the upsets, the rise of the underdogs, new heroes being crowned.

But what if I applied that to life? To hold strong intentions for the things that matter to me, but equally to sit back and let life unfold as it should?

Isn’t it ironic that you only gain and never lose anything from letting go, chef?

(All the best to whichever team you support!)



Letting go of control

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