In his book Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield borrows this concept to motivate us: that a US Marine earns two salaries from his work. The first is the ‘normal’ financial salary, which might be humble, but there’s an additional psychological salary that comes from the pride and honour of his chosen profession.

Now, this post is not meant to romanticise the pay scales in our industry. The message will always be encouragement for chefs to own their self-worth, even though our salaries might not reflect that to us currently. But I’d like you to consider for a moment all the positives that come from your work – things that you can’t exactly put a price on.

The company of like-minded souls who really get you, the gratitude you get from someone for making their meal special, the opportunities you get to learn from really amazing chefs, the growth that comes from working in this demanding profession. Recognise that they’re valuable gifts that working in this industry brings, chef.


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