This past weekend was really hard for our industry, and the hardest for me since I started this project. Helping chefs have a better ‘cheflife’ never seemed so challenging. It took my coach reaching out in support for me to regain a sense of perspective about this work.

I’m not alone in doing this. There are so many projects and people who are devoting time and energy to securing the future of our industry. There’s so much more awareness and it won’t be long before even the customer beings to pay close attention. And most important of all, we have you – the chefs we serve – calling us to this service.

Please don’t ever give up wanting more from your lives. And I don’t mean chasing more YouTube likes or fancier locations to open your restaurants. Material success is meaningless when you’re not living a well-rounded life. 

Remember, we’re a team. You’re a chef at a time when there’s never been more people who care about your welfare. Sure, there are a whole lot of things that needs to change. But go ahead and give us our assignment – make that wish for a more fulfilled life so we can help you enjoy just that, chef.


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