This question arose at a powerful event I attended yesterday: how many of us take the time to really heal from a health issue, trauma or difficult experience we’ve been through? Sometimes it’s us – we’re impatient to get back to normal because it’s harder dealing with the sudden void that’s come up in our lives.

But quite often it’s just that there’s no other way out. We have bills to pay and loved ones depending on us. Or we’re made to feel that we’re letting the team down. Maybe we feel threatened about someone else replacing us on the job. “We just put a bandage on it and try to make it through the week”, said the speaker at the event.

What if we took the long-term view and turned our healing into a goal? How we do this might look different for each one of us. It means that whatever circumstances we face, we continue to work at getting better without pushing it aside. Even though it looks like you’re taking small steps, big shifts happen when you prioritise yourself, chef.


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