Energy II

Continuing with the theme of energy, how do you protect yourself from being affected by the negative energy of other people? We’ve always been dependent on each other to survive, so it’s no wonder that we tend to align with


I’m reading a powerful book by Tara Sophia Mohr called Playing Big. She introduces a concept that I feel is important to share in an industry where we tend to sometimes take feedback personally. Yes, it can sting. Our customers

Speak Kindly

If speaking kindly to plants helps them grown imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do – Unknown I kept coming across this on Facebook and it seemed so apt for our kitchens. This message is not only for those

What fuels you?

What if we believed we would get what we deserved? Would we still compete so fiercely with everyone else? If we could trust that there was enough to go around, would we still fight for our share? If we could see that we’re all