I have been feeling a bit impatient with where I am on my journey in recent months. The hardest thing is to reconcile with what I know to be the higher truth: that I’m precisely where I am meant to be at this moment. That there are specific lessons I need to learn here before I can get to the next level.

The discontent has got me nowhere: I haven’t made getting to the next level my biggest priority. I know what that is, but I have no clarity on what it looks like. I have made no plan to help me get there. I haven’t been looking for resources to guide me along the way.

And then it hit me: at some point, wanting more from your life needs an upgrade from being just a wish to a conscious choice. That part of my journey is precisely what I’m translating into the #BetterCheflife project that I’m creating.

Stay tuned, chefs!

Choosing consciously

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