I’ve been building this project alongside doing multiple part-time gigs, and today I want to share a tale of contrasts with you. One job required me to help a client check-in/check-out guests at her Airbnb. Once she had a couple of international students who returned to the city for their graduation. You wouldn’t believe it, but they left the flat filled with empty boxes of expensive things they had shopped for during their trip. What I saw was the effect of the constant pressure that millennials are under to buy things to look the part.

In sharp contrast, some of the very well-to-do clients who I support with personal admin have admitted that some of their furniture comes from eBay. They’re also under the same pressure to keep up appearances, but they choose differently where to put their money. I’m not making any judgements – it was simply interesting to see how the rest of the world live.

But this brought up some questions that I want to pose to you: who really leads you, chef? Who or what influences the choices you make?

Who leads you?

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