If you’re currently less busy than usual in January, are you letting yourself enjoy that spaciousness, chef? Is it easy for you to take a deep breath, step back from responsibility, sit still for a few moments? Or does it make you extremely uncomfortable because all you know is being on the go?

The real question is how do you relate to yourself? Do you feel empty without the doing, contributing, achieving, progressing? It’s easy to understand how we can pick this up from the kitchen – if you’re not producing, you’re draining financial resources that are already being stretched. But the epidemic of busyness exists even in industries that are thriving.

Six months ago, some space opened up in my life and I have to admit that the landscape seemed so alien without the constant push and pull. Today I regret not letting myself just relax. But I know it’s not too late to turn things around.

At what point do we acknowledge the truth that if we were created, we matter? That we’re good enough just as we are, just by being, without the need to do anything?


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