The desire to reach the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise and most possible – Maya Angelou

Whatever your destination, chef, always keep in mind that you’ve got to have your team on board if you want to get there. There’s no other way.

You might have seen it attempted another way in the industry – using a forceful personality, a loud voice, fear-based tactics. But this is the simple truth: you’re then spending half your energy dragging your team into complying with you. And guess what, when you’re doing that, you’re not even facing your end result but the opposite direction. Do you see why it takes you so long to get there?

The other option would be to inspire loyalty in those who support you. Touch their hearts, and they will follow you and your vision, simply because they know that there’s a place in it for them too.

Your choice, chef.

Reach hearts

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