When I recently came across a post by a chef criticising someone else in the industry, it made me think: where does this come from? What is it in our human nature that makes us constantly have to prove ourselves? By the way, I’m equally guilty of making similar judgements even if I don’t say them out loud!

Because isn’t there a place in the world for you and every other kind of chef? The street food vendor who feeds hungry students. The family-run tavern that nostalgic immigrants flock to. Your competitor whose only advantage over you is location and not quality. Neither of these might suit the millionaire who wants to impress his girlfriend, but then he has his choice of uber-fancy restaurants.

What authority do we have to dismiss someone else’s skills and talents if there’s an audience that appreciates it? By contrast, those at the top don’t waste time criticising what others do. The most successful chefs are purely focussed on taking their own work and the industry forward.

Where is your own focus, chef?


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