I was recently asked by one of my clients to wrap up something she owned. It was more expensive than anything I’ve ever handled. I’m glad she didn’t tell me the value beforehand, or I would have freaked out. A big five-figure sum.

I received a priceless gift from that experience – that someone truly trusted in me. She gave me the instructions and let me get on with it. No pressure, no stress, just complete faith in my abilities.

By contrast, there are chefs leading kitchens who completely debase their teams for a £5 plate of food. Not to say that the price makes our work less valuable. A bad reputation can do more damage to a restaurant than a breakage will to a wealthy collector.

I’m talking trust here, chef. Trusting in those who work for you. If they’re lacking in some way, you mould them into better versions of themselves. And that five-figure salary you’re paying them is an investment. Why make them feel useless by micro-managing and breathing down their necks?

Talking about trust

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