Something that I’ve heard a lot of chefs express is that they’re not good at mathematics. And during my short stint as a pastry chef I saw that this mindset affected how my colleagues performed. Whether it was errors in calculating quantities, or being unable to estimate yields correctly, it lead to a lot of time being wasted in repeating prep tasks. But the impact goes beyond that: more than once I’ve heard chefs who lead kitchens say that they don’t have the head for looking at numbers.

In trying to understand the origins of this common limiting belief amongst many chefs, I learnt that a lot of them have been holding onto it since their school days. I can relate to it – I had the same belief put into my head at a young age, and I’m sure it has affected my confidence. But I want to look at the real truth here. It’s not that those chefs failed at mathematics, but that in reality, education has failed most of us.

I don’t have a solution for that, but the intention here is to create an app that helps chefs with calculations in the kitchen. An app that is easy to use, explaining the concepts with clarity so that chefs can understand the fundamentals behind the calculations. And maybe finally feel confident with mathematics?