Text reads: "You are constantly irritated and constantly under stress. Your family start seeing you in a different light."

Is this you?

  • Do the stress from work make you lose your cool with those you love?
  • Do you struggle to switch off from ‘chef mode’ when you finish a shift?
  • Do you snap at your co-workers during times of stress, but know that this not your true nature?

You now want to find a healthy way to handle the stress. Without letting it take a toll on your relationships. Not just for you, but also so that those closest to you – your family and your team – do not take on your stress second hand.

This is not impossible. But in an industry where you are expected to respond to situations without even catching your breath, what it takes is learning to do just that.

Love Letters to Chefs is here to guide you on how you can enjoy harmony in your relationships: even during the busiest and most stressful of seasons. How? Watch this space!

“You are constantly under stress”

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