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You recognise that stress affects how you show up at work, harms your body and how you relate to your family, but you do not quite know how to fix it. You have few positive role models because this seems to be everyone’s problem in Hospitality. Not to mention the fact that we are all affected by each other’s emotions.

This is where having your own toolkit helps. When you have a set of go-to actions that help you step back from a stressful situation. Actions that you feel comfortable practising, actions that you can rely on when the pressure is on you to respond quickly.

You might have done some research and patched together your own. But the generic advice out there makes it sound easy, but only you know how hard it is to keep up with it when things get busy. And someone else’s hack only works if you can make it your own.

This is where the Rebalance Yourself Strategy Session comes in: 1-hour of laser-focussed coaching, where we put together your own Rebalance Toolkit to deal with stress in a healthy way. And having a coach facilitate this process helps you build a toolkit that really works.

No more hacks, no more following trends, just putting to use what works for you. Book your session today!

Why stress is a challenge

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