On Monday I had the opportunity to attend Countertalk’s screening of The Heat by award-winning filmmaker Maya Gallus. The movie gives much-needed voice to women in the kitchen, and even more inspiring was that all the female chefs featured had crafted their own leadership models. As the full title suggests, they’ve proved without doubt that there’s more than one way to lead a kitchen.


The evening ended with a Q&A session featuring chefs Michael Davies, Rosy Rong and Terri Mercies. Moderated by Countertalk founder Ravneet Gill, it opened up a much-needed space for the kind of discussions that we’re all craving for in this industry.

I definitely recommend watching the movie! Also, check out Countertalk’s events if you’re in London or visiting the city.

Event: Countertalk screening of The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution

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