When it comes to work-life integration, never underestimate the power of your own inner wisdom, chef. Just like when we’re in the kitchen, each of us is infinitely resourceful and creative in finding a solution. We know exactly what our recipe for life needs. This wisdom is available to us the moment we acknowledge a problem that we’re going through, although we might not hear it straight away.

Which is why I’ve designed the #BetterCheflife workshop more as a recalibration – so you can step outside your challenge with work-life integration and tune into your inner wisdom on how best to surmount it. The answers are all in you, chef.

Bring your challenge to the table on a 30-minute assessment call, and at the very least, you’ll get a clear idea of how best to approach it. DM or email info@loveletterstochefs to book the call.

Your own wisdom

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