Today I’m proudly sharing words of wisdom from blogger and Head Chef Brian Powlett, and also from his wonderful wife, Abby. This is their story:

Abby and I first met when I was a chef at the restaurant next door to the Hairdresser salon where she worked as a trainee. She was already aware of the hours I was putting in. From early on in our relationship, she would rightly assume that I would not be able to make many engagements. This was the default setting for our relationship, but it suited us. We were both very laid back by nature. But when we were out together we made sure we had fun.

I asked them for the advice they had for chefs who struggle with navigating relationships in a busy cheflife. “Managing each other’s expectations is not something we actually did. It all came rather naturally. Individually, we are people who just like to get on with it. Being open and honest with each other from the start is what has worked for us.”

“There is no magic pill for relationships in general and certainly not one for relationships with chefs. But making quality time for each other is a must.”

Check out the Knife of Brian blog articles (link in his bio) where he reflects on his life as a chef!


Chef story: Brian and Abby Powlett

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