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It might be easy to assume that work life balance is guaranteed to those who work a 9-5 job. Because on the surface it might seem like they face fewer struggles than we do. Or that their lives come with fewer sacrifices than we are forced to make.

But amongst those who follow that schedule, there are also people challenged with failing relationships, living in messy homes or having poor levels of fitness. This is my own observation from having worked in another industry. The additional time is no guarantee that we will use it to serve our wellbeing. Which means that even someone with limited time can, by setting the right intentions and making the right choices, aspire towards some degree of balance in their lives.

Back to you: if the lockdown was your opportunity to rebalance your life, you want to make sure to sustain the good work you put in. So that when you return to work, you build in opportunities for balance where and when you can, as you should when working in a demanding profession.

Join Love Letters to Chefs for next week’s webinar where we look at this very topic of how chefs can persist with their positive habits. You will have the opportunity to bring your own questions and challenges to the table, if you require guidance.

Here is the link to book your place. And please tag anyone who might like to attend.

It’s not about your rota

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