Poster for webinar 3rd May
Poster for workshop 31st May

Love Letters to Chefs is holding two upcoming trainings to support your return to the kitchen after our sustained absence.

This past year, so much has unfolded, concluded or been placed on hold in our lives. Yet, this return feels less like a new beginning, but more like a transition. How easily can we get accustomed again to the cheflife? How can we keep our bodies and minds in shape as we meet the demands of our work? What will it take to keep up our spirits as we navigate the uncertainty of this new normal?

If these are questions that you have asked yourself, be assured of your own agency here: you can make this transition easier for yourself. But the answers are not to be found in the workplace, but in the things that you do outside it.

This is the essence of work life balance.

Sustaining your positive habits after Lockdown: This 30-minute webinar offers five simple strategies that allow you to keep up those practices or habits that have served you so well during the lockdown. Why let them go now?

Create Your #BetterCheflife: This 2-hour workshop covers the principles of work life balance and gives you the tools to bring balance to your own cheflife, even if you work in a busy kitchen.

Please sign up in advance (clicking on the links above), and share with any colleagues or friends who might also benefit. I look forward to supporting you, chefs!

Upcoming work life balance trainings

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