I was at an amazing personal development seminar recently where the coach asked us: “Who’s for you”? He made us list all the people in our lives that were 100% behind us and what matters to us. Now, this exercise did bring up strong feelings because for some of us it was clear that family didn’t belong to that category. But then life does gift you other people who support you unconditionally.

Who would you count as someone who is there for you? They support you in all that you do. You can count on them to be there when you need them. You’re not afraid to share your dreams with them. They sometimes help you see the truth that you’re not seeing. Even if they disagree with your viewpoint, that doesn’t impact your relationship.

Hold on to those wonderful people, chef. Make time for those relationships even in your busy schedule. And it goes without saying, be there for them too.

Who’s for you?

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