In teamwork, silence isn’t golden. It’s deadly – Mark Sanborn

Can we all make sure we do this on our teams, chefs? Can we make sure we let people be who they are, express themselves authentically, say what needs to be said?

Too often kitchens can wipe out our individuality. We expect people to fit in, agree with us and conform to the way we do things. But that doesn’t make for a successful team. You’ve seen it happen – someone knows a better recipe, or a better way to do things, but they don’t get heard or given the chance to voice their ideas. Isn’t it true that there are many ways to get to the same destination?

It’s not about each person doing their own thing. Yes, as a team, you come together to serve a common cause. But the success of the team is made up of what each person brings to the table as an individual. That’s what brings richness to the journey that we’re all in together. Let’s listen to each other, chef.



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