How well do you manage your emotions at work, chef?

Kitchens are environments where passions ride high, and this is actually a bigger topic than one blog post can cover. Maybe it’s not easy to process what goes on inside of you in the heat of the moment. But now that you’re calmer and reading this, do you see that you are not your emotions? 

What happens when rage, fear, hate, shame, guilt, despair or other strong emotions show up during your workday? Not all of us have a filter that screens things that come up. Quite often, we have a need to express it outwards. We’re sometimes not even able to stop to process the consequences. Sure, the release brings satisfaction, but is this really healthy? Is it the best of you that’s showing up to your work in that moment? Think of it this way, chef: is it cool to let that emotion have power over you?

Understand that this does not mean you have to completely numb yourself from feeling those emotions. That’s probably even more harmful to you.

What can you do? This takes a lot of practice and being grounded, but in the moment that you feel it, acknowledge the emotion. Feel it fully in your body. Name it if your presence of mind allows you to. You’re in a powerful way detaching yourself from the emotion by not engaging with it. It’s no longer running your system.

And then react to the situation in the way you’re supposed to. From the right place. Fully in your power. Because you are not your emotions.

Detach from your emotions

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