A few weeks ago, a member of this community shared how difficult it was for chefs to relax outside of work. Although this wasn’t the case for me, I know I’m more restless as a result of working in the industry. So I can see how this prevents us from finding balance in our lives.

Without knowing what’s true for you personally, I can’t suggest a solution. But I can share what has been a game changer for me: finding opportunities to be present. And the key word here is ‘finding’. Because although living in the moment sounds like a worthy ideal, it’s really hard to put into practice. So you find those moments in which you’re just flowing with whatever’s happening. You access the stillness that helps you relax.

And again, I won’t force popular solutions like yoga or mediation on you: they work, but I know plenty of people who do those things without displaying any benefits once they’re out of those states. For chefs with a lot of energy to expend, a martial art could be a more complementary solution. But you choose what’s right for you.

You don’t even have to join a class. Simply take the time to enjoy a cup of tea, or the presence of your children or pets (who have an incredible access to presence), or tune in to your surroundings when you walk in nature. The goal is to steal moments of presence throughout the day when you can. Believe me, they’ll add up, chef.


#BetterCheflife: Presence

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