Today I’m thrilled to share a simple, but ingenious hack to honour your work-life balance from Chef Keith Rudolf, Team Chef of the Philadelphia Phillies. In the past, he and his Sous Chef would look out for each other. If either of them stayed on longer than he was required to at the end of a shift, the other would urge him to head home. Through that simple system, they built-in balance into a busy schedule. Isn’t this something that all of you can adopt, chefs?

Chef Keith acknowledges the challenge in letting go of his work, even though he completely trusts his team. What made it harder was the feeling that he would let everyone down if he wasn’t around. But his advice is this: “You need to be able to trust your Sous to run the show. Not only so you can get out and find peace, but to allow them to grow. It’s a win-win scenario.”


#BetterCheflife: Look out for each other

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