Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison had these wonderful words to say about artistic vision in her interview with Granta Magazine:

..but I think an artist, whether it’s a painter or a writer, it’s almost holy. There’s something about the vision, the wisdom. You can be a nobody, but seeing that way, it’s holy, it’s godlike. It’s above the normal life and perception of all of us, normally. You step up. And as long as you’re up there, even if you’re a terrible person – especially if you’re a terrible person – you see things that come together, and shake you, or move you, or clarify something for you that outside of your art you would not have known. It really is a vision above, or beyond.

Pay close attention to those words. Stop for a moment to recall how you took an idea for a dish from your head and put it on a plate. Own the truth that there’s something special about your artistic vision, chef.

Artistic vision

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