If there’s one thing I can credit with keeping me grounded through the day, it’s my morning ritual. And that grounding has been vital in keeping my energy focussed on my goal of bringing this project to life. I’m confident it will have the same effect on you.

Creating a morning ritual for yourself is effortless. All you need is the discipline to show up everyday and do your best to practise it. The intention is to make an appointment with yourself as soon as you start the day. So that you are tuned into you before you go out into the world and get hit by emails and posts, before you face long commutes or even exciting work days. Because everything external will always draw something out of you. This is your time to give to yourself. 

You can choose what you will practice and for how long. Here are some things that I’ve adopted:

  • Simply taking a few deep breaths
  • Remembering something you’re grateful for
  • Just paying attention to how you’re feeling
  • Enjoying a cup of coffee in silence
  • Reading a few pages of an inspirational book
  • Meditating or a religious or spiritual practice
  • Physical exercise
  • Taking a few minutes to renew your commitment to your goal
  • Planning your day

How it helps your goal is linked to how it makes you focus on just one thing and be consistent in daily practice. I held an intention for Love Letters to Chefs in my morning ritual for a year before I was ready to post here.

Make that appointment with yourself, chef!

Chefs in 2017: Morning ritual

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