Clock mechanism up close

The inside of a mechanical watch perfectly represents how we can look at our work and personal lives: as two cogs linked together, with energy being transferred from one to the other. This is not how we generally tend to approach work life balance as chefs. Our inclination is to compartmentalise the two spheres of our lives, with little acknowledgement of the synergy between the two. Without a game plan for dealing with the consequences. But with a large folder of ‘regrets’ filed away, so we can keep doing what we do.

Does the cheflife have to be this way? We can never expect things to run like clockwork, but we do not have to compromise on the quality of our lives. Nor do we have to compromise on our ambitions. All it takes is a little conscious, consistent effort on our part.

But there is a definite mechanism to it. This is what we cover in our Create Your #BetterCheflife workshops. This training does not offer generic wellbeing advice, but the teachings are tailored (like all LLTC material) to the context of what it means to be a chef navigating the challenge of work life balance.

The next session is on Monday the 29th and is currently open for bookings. Join us! Please reserve your place in advance.

Work life synergy

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