An image of trees in the woods.

For me, walking in nature is also a learning experience. Literally, like this tree in the foreground, that still flowers brilliantly even as a parasite closes in on it. But as a practice, it teaches me about myself and where I am at the moment: what is my energy level like today, what is on my mind, is my physical fitness improving, did I rest well enough, how good is my focus? You will learn something no matter what practice you choose, whether it is something you carry out indoors or outdoors.

Stepping away from everyday life helps us really see ourselves and what we need. And believe it or not, this is invaluable information for your work life too. Anyone who is successful pays attention to these things. Because when you are playing at the highest level, it is these small things that give you the edge and allow you to achieve more.

So with whatever practice you might choose in order to balance your life, know that you will encounter rewards that you never even intended to attain. Five years ago, I could not have told you all that I have shared this week. But having gone through the experience of persisting with my rebalancing practice, I am beyond convinced that this will be helpful to you too, chef.

My rebalancing practice – III

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