Image of the article by Ishwariya Rajamohan published in CulEpi magazine

“As someone whose work centres on a better quality of life in the restaurant industry, the first thought that crossed my mind when COVID-19 forced restaurants to close was whether work-life balance still mattered when we’re not working. 

As we got deeper into the pandemic, I watched as many people in hospitality evolved to finding new ways to work, while countless others had to come to terms with losing their jobs. Especially as chefs, our work is so much a part of our identity that the concept of work-life balance seemed to remain valid even when our world came to a standstill.”

I am excited to share the article I wrote for Culinary Epicenter, looking at what work life balance means for us during the pandemic. You can read the whole piece here.

Pandemic perspective: article for CulEpi

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