Poster for interactive session for women in Hospitality featuring one female chef in a kitchen and another relaxing after a bike ride in nature

As women working in professional kitchens, we are often made conscious of our place in a profession dominated by men, and what it takes to survive and thrive in it. We can, therefore, lose touch with the power that feminine energy holds for us. This is the force that helps us create, as well as connect and ground ourselves.

Love Letters to Chefs is hosting a 30-minute interactive session on International Women’s Day to explore feminine energy and how we can harness it in our quest for a better work life balance. We explore the theme through the lens of the chef culture, but the session is open to all Hospitality professionals.

Join us on the 8th of March at 3pm (UK). You can book your place here.

Interactive session: Work life balance for women in Hospitality

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