A female chef in a cafe cleaning a table

The chef culture makes it clear that only certain qualities belong in a professional kitchen. By challenging the mere presence of women in our brigades, the implication is that we (women in kitchens) should disown some of the qualities that we bring to the table.

Therefore, we not only fight an external battle, but also an internal battle with ourselves. Without realising how much energy we expend in the process. Or how it impacts our work life balance.

This devaluing of feminine energy does not serve anyone in the industry. Many problems facing chefs could be resolved with simpler solutions without this obstacle. But as always, here at Love Letters to Chefs we focus on what we can change in our own lives – without waiting for external circumstances to improve.

This is an invitation to women working in kitchens or any role in Hospitality to join our interactive session on the 8th of March. The purpose of this session is for us to reconnect with the value of our feminine energy. Sign up today, and share with someone you know who might be interested in attending.

Work life balance for women in Hospitality

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