Poster for "How to build your confidence and enjoy a better work life balance."

Next Monday, I am hosting a webinar on how building your confidence supports your wellbeing as a female leader in Hospitality.

These are my learnings from my own work with women in our industry and hearing of their experiences with burnout, overwhelm, stress, etc.

I could clearly see patterns of how their confidence played a big part in causing this.

Which is not surprising.

I know there is a lot of pressure on women working in male-dominated industries to look confident, in order to earn the trust of others.

This is the case even when you might not have all the support you require.

And I know of just how much pressure you put on yourself to make the most of the opportunities you have been given.

During this training I share my insights that link the level of your confidence with the level of your wellbeing. 

And more importantly, what you can do differently, to support both of those things, i.e., improve your confidence and the quality of your life.

Please sign up here before the deadline on Sunday the 16th.


How to build your confidence and enjoy a better work life balance

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