Female chef in her food truck

“I love what you guys do!”

Quite often this is the feedback I get for Love Letters to Chefs. I appreciate those comments, but sometimes wonder if I should make the point that there are no guys here, just one girl running this platform on her own, and doing it part time.

This happens in the privacy of a DM, so I do not expend energy correcting those assumptions.

But that might not be the case for you.

If you work on a team, it can be highly uncomfortable to have your capabilities undermined or questioned in front of others.

How you might choose to respond is one thing: whether you choose to brush it off, ignore it, or respond in a way that sets things right.

But the bigger thing to be aware of is what you make it mean about you. 

If the lack of acknowledgement makes you want to prove yourself, you can get stuck in a loop of seeking approval.

To the detriment of your wellbeing, even.

Because no amount of doing will ever be enough to prove your capabilities.

Next Monday at 2pm UK (9am EST), I am hosting a webinar for female leaders in Hospitality. What you will learn is how your confidence and wellbeing are so closely linked, and how one affects the other.

Join me by reserving your place before Sunday 16th.



“I love what you guys do!”

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