Text reads: “I spent so much time thinking about what I don't have. Thank you so much. I now see what I do have and I also now have a mantra. What more do I need?"

This was a powerful realisation from a coachee (outside Hospitality) that I worked with this week.

She had to deliver a training to people outside her socio-economic and ethnic background and felt so undeserving of the opportunity, even though she knew it could lead to so much more for her.

We all do this – and perhaps it is when the stakes are higher that all our worst fears and insecurities come up.

I helped her see that there was no one better than her to do this work.

And also see the ripple effect of just how much impact her one training could have.

My privilege as a coach is to be able to see your brilliance, when you can only see your shortcomings. And help you find the confidence to bridge the gap between the two.

What could change for you when that happens?

Would you like to find out?



What you don’t have

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